Solmmate’s exceptional performance coupled with its highly competitive price make it the number one choice when compared to any big named brand in the Solid Surface Adhesive market


10:1 & 1:1 Ratio

We offer 10:1 and 1:1 ratio structural adhesives in our range where our 1:1 fast curing system offers incredible bond strength.

Solmmate’s solid surface adhesive has been developed for bonding natural stone and acrylic to metal clasps for supporting sinks, bowls and all kinds of metal objects.

Solmmate adhesive cartridge

Bonds a wide range of plastics, metals, and composites
Forms impact resistant bonds for sink clips in 15 mins
Bonds to solid surface, stone and quartz
Can offer a variety of colours on request
Minimal surface preparation required
Excellent bond strength


x12 & x24 Packages

Dispensing nozzles are provided with every cartridge supplied as standard and typically one 250ml cartridge will dispense approximately 16mtr x 6mm bead.

Additional dispensing nozzles are available in the following boxed quantities:

Solmmate dispensing nozzles

50ml x24 dispensing nozzles per box
100ml x12 dispensing nozzles per box
150ml x12 dispensing nozzles per box
250ml x12 dispensing nozzles per box

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