Solmmate solid surface adhesive can be used in conjunction with a wide range of solid surface manufacturers and our colour matching service ensures the perfect product every time

Harmony Colour Matching

Surface ColourColour CodeConfiad Primary ColourConfiad Alternative ColourSolmmate PrimarySolmmate AlternativeRequired Seam Face Preparation
-GR 55T-Violet-Violet-TVIO-As cut
-60T-Pink-Pink-TPIN-As cut
-GL 174S-White-White-SWHI-As cut
-5R-White-White-RWHI-As cut
-283R-Red-Red-RRED-As cut
-296R-Orange-Orange-RORA-As cut
-9Q-White-White-QWHI-As cut
-GR 124Q-White-White-QWHI-As cut
-73Pearl-Pearl-PEA-As cut
-125Pearl-Pearl-PEA-As cut
-GL 70Pearl-Pearl-PEA-As cut
-GR 148Pearl-Pearl-PEA-As cut
-GR 27Pearl-Pearl-PEA-As cut
-GR 7Pearl-Pearl-PEA-As cut
-50N-White-White-NWHI-As cut
-GR 108N-White-White-NWHI-As cut
-M 180M-White-White-MWHI-As cut
-980M-Purple-Purple-MPUR-As cut
-GL 198M-Pearl-Pearl-MPEA-As cut
-GL 59M-Pearl-Pearl-MPEA-As cut
-M 147M-Pearl-Pearl-MPEA-As cut
-GL 114M-Blue-Blue-MBLU-As cut
-GL 113M-Black-Black-MBLA-As cut
-GL 171M-Black-Black-MBLA-As cut
-GL 156Magic-Magic-MAG-As cut
-72L-Pearl-Pearl-LPEA-As cut
-GL 188L-Pearl-Pearl-LPEA-As cut
-GR 160L-Magic-Magic-LMAG-As cut
-473K-Sky-Sky-KSKY-As cut
-82K-Cream-Cream-KCRE-As cut
-GR 109Cream-Cream-CRE-As cut
-540B-Yellow-Yellow-BYEL-As cut
-GL 56B-White-White-BWHI-As cut
-GR 4A-Pearl-Pearl-APEA-As cut
-M 187A-Pearl-Pearl-APEA-As cut
AuburnGL 72Magic-Magic-MAG-As cut
Bisque22L-Pearl-Pearl-LPEA-As cut
Caramel BrownM 182T-Brown-Brown-TBRO-As cut
ClaretGL 170A-Violet-Violet-AVIO-As cut
Crème20A-White-White-AWHI-As cut
DuneM 74M-Pearl-Pearl-MPEA-As cut
FawnGR 75A-Pearl-Pearl-APEA-As cut
Fossil FlakeM 72V-Ivory-Ivory-VIVO-As cut
IcebergGL 167N-White-White-NWHI-As cut
Indigo BlueGL 123L-Magic-Magic-LMAG-As cut
Kiwi FlakeM 78Pearl-Pearl-PEA-As cut
Light Speckled BlueGR 16M-Pearl-Pearl-MPEA-As cut
Light Tan FlakeM 149Pearl-Pearl-PEA-As cut
Midnight SkyGR 11L-Jade-Jade-LJAD-As cut
Night ImageM 77Magic-Magic-MAG-As cut
Nocturnal SeaM 76M-Green---As cut
OatmealGR 150M-Pearl-Pearl-MPEA-As cut
Onyx FlakeM 145M-Black-Black-MBLA-As cut
PebbleM 181Pearl-Pearl-PEA-As cut
Pepper FlakeM 183M-Pearl-Pearl-MPEA-As cut
Polar White7M-White-White-MWHI-As cut
Rennaissance RoseM 142Pearl-Pearl-PEA-As cut
Sea GreenGL 127L-Magic-Magic-LMAG-As cut
Silhouette FlakeM 73Pearl-Pearl-PEA-As cut
Silky GreyGL 191Pearl-Pearl-PEA-As cut
Snow FlakeM 143G-White-White-GWHI-As cut
Speckled BrownGL 169Pearl-Pearl-PEA-As cut
Speckled GreyGL 1N-White-White-NWHI-As cut
Speckled GreyGR 166Magic-Magic-MAG-As cut
Speckled PepperGL 130M-Pearl-Pearl-MPEA-As cut
Speckled Sea FoamGR 31L-Pearl-Pearl-LPEA-As cut
Spruce FlakeGL 157L-Magic-Magic-LMAG-As cut
Tern Egg GreyGR 5N-White-White-NWHI-As cut
TerracottaM 184A-Pearl-Pearl-APEA-As cut
TundraGL 126L-Magic-Magic-LMAG-As cut
WheatGL 152M-Pearl-Pearl-MPEA-As cut

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